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The story so far
I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. We got a power boat in 1960, when I was four; so we have a long history as river rats. In the 70's, our interests turned to more fossil-fuel-free activities, and the 16' Larson went away. Canoes were the next thing for us.

I learned to sail through the University of Iowa Sailing Club in the mid to late '70s on Flying Juniors, Lasers, a Windsurfer, Hobie 16, and the occasional outing on a member's personal M-20.  Sadly, I never did get out on the club's 2 E scows, which were "in process" much of the time. Lots of good days on Lake MacBride.

On leaving Iowa, I had to content myself with trips home & sailing the Mississippi on my brother Kevin's O'Day Mariner and, later, Precision 23.
In 1985, after moving to Minneapolis, I bought an all wood, 1971 Melges M-16 scow. In October of 2005, married w/child, we bought a 1973 Ensenada 20.
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Respon'sieve' is SOLD! Click here

picture of Respon'sieve'
New! Sailing Photo Album

ensenada picture

Respon'sieve', my 1971 Melges M16
I've owned this scow since 1985.
Many fast, enjoyable days!

1973 ENSENADA 20 as yet unnamed.
Ably manned by daughter Emma (right) and neighbor Kaitlyn
Bought 22 Oct 2005 in Nanticoke, MD
(Registration now reflects her new home in Minneapolis)
NEW!-ENSENADA OWNERS- past & present-
I'm compiling a timeline of E20's by HULL.
Check it out at the Ensenada 20 History project page!
 M16 info from Melges  Serendipity   Anungoday  A lot of good, practical info
Balboa 20 Sister ship -Good discussion of keel work;
most applies to Ensenada

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